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Welcome to Prospect Elementary School


We hope the following information will assist you in becoming familiar with the policies and operating procedures at Prospect Elementary School.  Should you have any questions, please call the school office at 478-8814.  We suggest that you keep this handbook and refer to it often.


Mission Statement


Prospect Elementary School is dedicated to providing a variety of educational experiences taught by qualified and caring professionals with the goal of developing the students academically, socially, emotionally, and physically so that they will become responsible citizens.


Vision Statement


The vision of Prospect Elementary School is to provide a safe, supportive environment that enhances the development of our students toward their individual academic potentials.



School Day


School hours are from 7:45 AM until 2:45 PM.  For perfect attendance purposes, a child in grades K—5 who checks in after 11:15 will be counted absent for that day. Also, a child who checks out before 11:15 will be counted absent for that day. Student absences due to a death in the family will not count against their perfect attendance status.


***Dismissal times for abbreviated days are as follows:


Elementary—10:00 AM

Middle School—10:30 AM

High School—11:00 AM




Under the policy adopted by the Bradley County Board of Education, parents or guardians may register pupils at the school of their choice.  In the event of overcrowding, preference will be given to those choosing the school within their bus zone.  Those whose choices are refused because of overcrowding will be notified and permitted to make an effective choice of another school.  Parents should understand that children who choose a school outside their bus zone will need to furnish their own transportation to and from school.




If a student is transferring to another school, a parent or guardian should notify the teacher and/or principal.  A parent or guardian must come to the office to sign and receive a withdrawal form. This form indicates that all textbooks, library books, and accounts have been paid in full.  This form also states the student’s academic level as well as their attendance for the current school year.


Workbook and Materials Fee


School textbooks are furnished by Bradley County Schools.  A student is responsible for any books lost or damaged, including library books.  There is a $30 workbook and materials fee.  This fee should be paid the first month of school.  If you are unable to pay this fee, please contact the school office.

Checks should be made payable to Prospect School.


Grading Scale

100-93                   A                                             S—Satisfactory                                  

92-85                     B                                             N—Needs Improvement

84-75                     C                                             U--Unsatisfactory

74-70                     D

69-0                       F




Visitors are welcome and encouraged at Prospect School. When visiting the school, please use the main entrance; for safety reasons, all other doors must remain locked. Visitors must stop by the office to sign in and receive a visitor’s pass. If you need to speak with your child’s teacher, please call to schedule an appointment.


If you wish to have lunch with your child, please call the office by 8:00 AM so the cafeteria staff can be sure to prepare enough food to serve everyone.


Change of Address and/or Telephone Number


It is very important that the school have current addresses and telephone numbers so that parents can be contacted in case of an emergency.  Please be sure to notify the school immediately if there is a change of your address, telephone number, or emergency contact person.


Student Telephone Use


The telephone is to be used only for educational purposes. It will not be used by anyone for personal reasons. Students will only be allowed to use the telephone in emergency situations. Students will not be asked to come to the phone to answer a call.




Attendance is a key factor in student achievement, and therefore, students are expected to be present each day school is in session. Students shall be present at least fifty percent (50%) of the scheduled school day in order to be counted present. Three (3) hours and sixteen (16) minutes is the state daily minimum.


Chronic Absenteeism:


Chronic absenteeism is defined as missing school for any reason (excused, unexcused, suspended/expelled). Commonly defined as missing 10 percent or more of instructional days, the threshold at which research indicates most students are at risk of negative academic and social consequences.


When a student who has been absent returns to school, he or she must provide a written explanation/excuse signed by his or her parent or guardian. The principal/designee may require a statement from a physician before an absence is excused.


Absences shall be classified as either excused or unexcused as determined by the principal/designee.


Excused absences include:


Personal illness/injury                                                                         Illness of immediate family member

Death in the family                                                                              Extreme weather conditions

Religious observances                                                                       College visits (4 total—2 junior year and 2 senior year)

School-sponsored or school endorsed activities                               Summons, subpoena, or court order

Circumstances which in the judgment of the principal create emergencies over which the student has no control.


Unexcused Absences:


Any absence that is not excused by the principal/designee is considered an unexcused absence.


Parent Notes:


Three (3) student absences (3 days) per semester may be excused by a parent note if they meet the criteria set forth above as Excused Absences.


Doctor’s Notes:


A doctor’s note for absences above three (3) in number is required by the principal/designee. Failure to comply will result in the absence(s) being termed “unexcused”.




Students who are absence five (5) days without adequate excuse Shall be reported to the director of schools/designee who will, in turn, provide written notice to the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the student’s absence. The director of schools/designee shall also comply with state law regarding the reporting of truant students to the proper authorities. If a student accumulates a total of five (5) unexcused absences, then he/she is subject to referral to juvenile court.


Attached to this procedure is the Bradley County Schools Truancy Plan. Students with three (3) unexcused absences shall be subject to this progressive truancy intervention framework.


Active Military Service of Parent/Guardian

  • One (1) day of excused absence prior to deployment will be given.
  • One (1) day of excused absence upon the return will be given.
  • Ten (10) days of excused cumulative absences per year will be given for students to visit during a deployment cycle. The student shall provide documentation to the school as proof of his/her parent’s/guardian’s deployment.
  • Student shall be permitted to make up schoolwork missed during these absences.


Make-Up Work:


All missed work must be made up to insure no academic penalty to the student and to gain academic credit, whether an Excused or Unexcused absence.


For grades P-5:  The teacher will fill the primary role in assuring that students will be given make-up work and assessments.


Upon return to school, you will have the following number of days to complete the make-up work.

  • The number of days absent (excused or unexcused) = the number of school days allowed.
  • Suspended one (1) to five (5) days—two (2) school days.
  • Suspended six (6) to ten (10) days—four (4) school days.

State-Mandated Assessment:


If a student is absent on the day of the scheduled EOC exams, a signed doctor’s excuse is required or they must have been given an excused release by the principal prior to testing to receive an excused absence. Make-up exams will be allowed for excused absences. Until the EOC exam is taken, the student will receive an incomplete in the course.


Unexcused absence = a failing grade on the course exam which shall be averaged into their final grade.


Credit/Promotion Denial:


Student attendance may be used in credit/promotion denial but may not be the sole criterion. If attendance is a factor, prior to credit/promotion denial, the following shall occur:

  • The student and the parent/guardian shall be advised if student is in danger of credit/promotion denial due to excessive absenteeism.
  • Procedures in due process are available to the student when credit or promotion is denied.


Driver’s License Revocation:


More than ten (10) consecutive or fifteen (15) unexcused absences during any semester makes a student ineligible to retain a driver’s permit/license or to obtain one.


A student must make a passing grade in at least three (3) full unit subjects or their equivalency at the conclusion of a subsequent grading period to qualify for reclaiming a driver’s permit or license.


Perfect Attendance:


Attend “three hours and sixteen minutes” (state daily minimum) of every academic day = perfect attendance. Absence due to bereavement shall not result in the loss of a perfect attendance certificate.


The TN Legislators passed new laws for attendance during the 2017 and 2018 sessions. In these changes, all school districts in the state are required to have a Progressive Truancy Plan. The details of this plan will be distributed by way of the media, on our website, and by our Principals during the summer and at the beginning of the school year.




At Board of Education > Policy Manual > Section 6 > Policy 6.200





Acceptable reasons for being tardy are: personal or family illness, doctor or dental appointments, or a late bus.  Heavy traffic is not an acceptable excuse for tardiness. Students should be in their classroom when the tardy bell rings at 7:45 AM.  When a student arrives late, we ask that the parent bring the child to the office to sign in. If excessive tardies become a problem, parents will be sent a written notice and if it continues, they may be required to attend campus court.


Early Dismissal


Students will only be permitted to leave school when a parent/guardian or a person designated on the school registration form or student contact card, come to the office to check the student out.  Teachers WILL NOT release a student from their room unless instructed to do so by the office.


We urge parents not to request permission for a child to leave school early except for dental or medical appointments and emergencies.  If a student checks out early after a field trip for transportation convenience, it will be unexcused.  Please note that early checkouts are also considered tardies.  Parents, we ask that you do not check your child out after 2:30.






Parents who bring their children or pick up their children are urged to drive cautiously in the school zone.  Please follow the directions of all car line monitors.  Traffic will be directed to pull up and come to a complete stop.



*Please do not park and walk to the gym to drop off or pick up your child.

This creates a safety hazard.


Be considerate of others and follow the drop-off and pick up procedures!


Morning Drop Off


The morning drop-off line starts on the left side of the playground and ends in front of the cafeteria entrance. Traffic will be directed to pull up and come to a complete stop.  Students are allowed in the building at 7:00 AM; supervision is not available before that time.  Students arriving between 7:00 AM and 7:35 AM must go directly to the gym.  Breakfast is served beginning at 7:10 each morning.  Children who arrive after 7:45 AM are tardy.  Please do not walk your children into the building. Teachers are on duty along with Safety Patrol to insure they get safely to their classroom or the cafeteria.  Parents are not to accompany a child to class at arrival.  If it is necessary to speak to the teacher, please come to the office to make an appointment.  Arrival and dismissal are busy times for teachers.


Afternoon Dismissal


Bus riders are dismissed at 2:40 PM.  Car riders are dismissed at 2:45 PM and must be picked up following the car line route.  This starts on the left side of the playground, goes in front of the cafeteria entrance and then in front of the school by the gym.  This will help in keeping all of our students safe!  If your child is a car rider, please get a tag from the main office with your child’s name on it to display in the window of your car.


Students should go directly home after school unless they are involved in a school approved activity.  Students must bring a note from home if they are not going home in their usual manner.  When a change involves bus transportation, a note from the parent must be signed by the principal and delivered to the bus driver by the child.




Please remind your child of the importance of good behavior on the bus at all times.  Students should not ride a different bus or get off at a different stop unless a note is received from the parent and signed by the principal.


The bus driver’s names, telephone numbers and bus numbers for Prospect School are as follows:


Bus #10:  Will Lewis                  706-229-5688               Bus # 38 :  Paul Smith                        457-1045

Bus #12:  Frank Dixon                      479-1128               Bus # 39 :  Donnie Slaughter              645-7089

Bus #34:  Eric Jones                         615-2906              Supervisor of Transportation               476-0620


Relative to the transportation of students, Bradley County Schools has enacted the following procedures for reporting unsafe driving by any Bradley County Schools Bus Driver. Incidents may be reported to the Bradley County Schools Transportation Department by completing the Complaint Form that is posted on our website under Departments>Transportation. After completing the form, you may either drop it by the Bradley County Schools Central Office, email it to, or phone 423-641-1664. The Central Office is located at 800 South Lee Highway, Cleveland, TN 37311.


Food Service


Your child will be given an account number for milk, breakfast, and lunch.  It is suggested that you send money to last

2-4 weeks.

Current Prices Are:                        Lunch               Breakfast


Elementary (Grades K-5)                   $2.50                      $1.50

Secondary (Grades 6-12)                   $2.75                     $1.50

Reduced                                             $0.40                     $0.30

Extra Milk                                            $0.35     

School Staff                                        $3.50                     $1.75

Visitors & Visiting Children                 $4.00                      $2.25


*Visitor holiday meal price—decided at individual schools.

**Please note that there is an additional charge for extra portions.


Every child will be given a form at the beginning of the school year for the parent to fill out to verify eligibility for free or reduced-price breakfast and lunch fees.  We encourage you to return this form to school as soon as possible.  Prospect School receives federal funds for every student who qualifies for this program, so PLEASE RETURN THIS FORM.  You may choose to pay for lunches, even if you qualify.


Students who qualify for free or reduced-price meals must bring money to school if they wish to purchase ice cream, chips, or extra portions of milk.  If it becomes necessary for a child to charge his/her lunch, we ask that you pay the next day or as soon as you are notified of the charge.  Students who bring their lunch to school are not allowed to bring soft drinks from home. NO OUTSIDE FAST FOOD IS ALLOWED TO BE BROUGHT INTO THE CAFETERIA.


Health Services


Parents will be notified if illness or injury occurs. A “Parent Medication Consent Form” must be filled out and signed by a parent or guardian before any medications, prescribed or over the counter, can be given to a student. Prescribed medication must be in the original prescription bottle and be properly labeled by a registered pharmacist as prescribed by law. Over the counter medications must also be in their original container. All medications must be brought to the nurse by a parent or guardian. Students are not to possess any type of drug. The school cannot remove splinters or ticks, or treat old wounds, cuts or diseases without the consent of a parent or guardian.


                         Bradley County Board of Education Policy of Communicable Diseases:


Students with a contagious disease, or who have been exposed to one at home, will NOT enter or remain in school unless they bring a certificate from their doctor or the County Health Department.  Conditions for readmitting students with diseases other than identified as communicable are listed below:


Impetigo:  To be readmitted when skin is clear.


Scabies: To be readmitted 24 hours after treatment


Ringworm of Scalp:  May be readmitted if under treatment and skull cap is worn.


Pinkeye:  To be readmitted 24 hours after treatment or upon a statement from a physician saying the condition is no longer contagious.


Vincent’s Infection:  (Trench Mouth) To be readmitted upon physician’s statement that the student is cured.


Head Lice:  Student will not be allowed to return to school until all evidence of head lice and nits have been eliminated.  One day missed from school for this reason will be excused, but any days thereafter will be unexcused.


Participation in Physical Education (P.E.)


Individual students will not be excused from participation in physical education class unless a note is received from the parent indicating a legitimate reason.  Requests for students to be excused from P.E. for any length of time should be accompanied by a note from the child’s doctor.




During the course of the school year, photographs may be taken for the Prospect yearbook, for bulletin boards, the school website, social media, or the newspaper. Publicity is an integral part of the regular school program for Bradley County Schools. You will receive a form pertaining to this at the beginning of the new school year or when you register your child. This will be kept on file in the office. If something should change and you no longer want your child in any picture, video or publicity in the media, please notify the school immediately.




It is our goal that students develop appropriate social behavior within the school setting.  Together, the parents, faculty, and staff at Prospect School will encourage acceptable behavior for all students.  Appropriate rules will be established and students will be expected to follow them.


Corporal punishment (paddling) will be administered in accordance with school board policy.  If you do not wish your child to be paddled, you must present a note at the beginning of each year to the school principal advising him/her of this request.  If such a note is presented, then at such time as your child’s behavior is deemed to deserve a paddling, and a paddling is not allowed, then your child will automatically be suspended from school.  Each teacher will send a copy of his/her classroom rules home with your child.


Prohibited Items


Drugs and Alcohol:  Drugs, look-alike drugs, tobacco, and alcohol are prohibited from being used, possessed, received, or transferred on the school campus.


Cell Phones: Students are permitted to have cell phones on school campus, but they must be turned off during school hours.


Weapons:  It is unlawful for anyone to possess or carry a weapon on the bus, school property or any other property owned, used or operated by any board of education, school or public education institution.


Food Items:  Chewing gum is never allowed on campus.  Soft drinks from home are allowed only on field trips.


Dress Code


  • All students are expected to abide by the following dress code guidelines.
  • Clothing items with inappropriate pictures and/or messages are strictly prohibited.
  • No unnatural colored hair or visible body piercing with the exception of the ear will be allowed.
  • No piercing jewelry of any kind that is a distraction or safety hazard may be worn. Students will be asked to remove any jewelry not in compliance with this rule.
  • Straps on tank tops must be at least 3 finger widths wide.
  • Students who have shirts made of thin material that may be seen through must wear an undershirt.
  • Students must wear an undershirt under any low-cut or v-neck shirts.
  • Shorts are allowed, but when standing, they must come to the bottom of the fingertips.
  • Students who wear hats of any kind must remove the hat when inside the building. This includes hooded jackets and sweatshirts


Dress Code Enforcement


1st Offense—Warning and change clothes

2nd Offense—Call parent to pick up student

3rd Offense—Out of school suspension


Miscellaneous Provisions


  • Cans or glass containers should not be brought to the school cafeteria.  A thermos must be used to bring beverages into the cafeteria.


  • When sending money to school, please put the money in an envelope and write on it what it is for.  Prepare one for each of your children and put the correct change in each one.


  • Do not combine lunch money with other items being paidPlease use separate checks.


  • Parents will be responsible for the loss or damage of textbooks and library books.


  • All food items brought into the school for snack time or parties must be store bought, with the label attached. NO HOMEMADE ITEMS WILL BE ALLOWED. All food items must be brought to the main office before lunch and approved by the nurse.


  • Parties & food items provided for classroom students must be under strict supervision of the classroom teacher.  Parents are not allowed to carry on these activities in violation of school policy. Ask your child’s teacher about this policy.


  • Do not send gifts to other students unless prior arrangements are made with the classroom teacher.


  • Birthday party invitations WILL NOT be passed out in class, unless everyone in the class is invited.


If you have any other concerns, please contact the principal.


Severe Weather Procedures


The principal’s office will be in constant contact with the Civil Defense by way of an emergency weather radio so that an early warning can be received concerning possible severe weather. If it becomes necessary to send students home, that decision will be made by the office of the Director of Schools and not the building principal. Parents are advised to tune in to local TV/radio stations for official school news alerts. You can also check the school district’s website, Rely only on official communication from school or public safety officials. Pupils will be sent home only if we are sure there is sufficient time to get them there before severe weather strikes. Parents are urged not to come to the school for children if the severe weather is already in the immediate area since students would be safer at school than traveling under these conditions. Disaster drills will be held regularly at the school so children will be familiar with safety areas and procedures.


Sequoyah Evacuation Plan


In the event of an evacuation due to an emergency at the Sequoyah Nuclear Plant ten buses will be dispatched to the school in order to transport students to Ocoee Middle School. There will be a reunification station set up at OMS where parents will be able to pick up their children. Please bring a form of picture ID with you to pick up your child.


Parent Involvement


Prospect Elementary School is a school-wide Title I school. Prospect provides several opportunities or parents to become involved in their child’s education. The following are some opportunities we encourage you to participate in.


Parent Volunteer Programs


This program allows parents who have time to come to the school on a scheduled basis and work with teachers and students.  For more information, contact the principal as soon as possible.


Prospect PTO


The Prospect Parent Teacher Organization is a concerned and active organization working in cooperation with the school staff for the continued improvement of the school.  Several activities are planned throughout the year to help provide funds for worthy projects at the school.  Meetings are held at 6:30 PM on the third Tuesday of every other month beginning in September in the school gym.  Without the involvement and support of parents, we could not provide the quality instructional program available to our students. 


Parent Family Engagement Policy


The faculty and staff of Prospect Elementary School are committed to the goal of providing a quality education for every child.  In order to further this goal, we establish partnerships with families and with the community.  While no one person can provide the quality education that is needed for our students, we believe forming a strong family-school partnership will help all students achieve success.

The parents and school will promote strong family engagement by strengthening families’ understanding of:

  • National Education Goals,
  • standards required by the state of Tennessee,
  • state and local assessments,
  • monitoring of students’ progress,
  • how to work with teachers to improve children’s performance.



Prospect Elementary will involve families and the community in the review and revision of our School Improvement Plan.  Families will also participate in the development of the annual review of the Student/Family/School Compact and Family Engagement Policy.  Prospect Elementary will utilize a Parent Advisory Council made up of teachers, parents, and community leaders.


Community organizations and businesses will have a role in parent involvement activities at Prospect Elementary School.  Some opportunities for community involvement include but are not limited to:


  • Parent Advisory Council
  • Most Improved Celebrations
  • PTO Events
  • Fall Festival
  • Spring Auction
  • Head Start
  • Field Trip Hosting and Sponsorship


Families will be given opportunities to learn how they can become involved in their child’s education through annual Open House, regular PTO meetings, scheduled conferences, the Parent Handbook, and monthly newsletters.  Families will also participate in seminars and workshops that will train them to work with their child to help improve their child’s achievement.  Prospect will offer a flexible schedule for meetings and workshops.  Prospect Elementary School will also encourage parents to become full partners in the education of their children through Parent Orientation, Family Reading Nights, and participation in classroom activities.  Families will be made aware of Head Start opportunities and activities for preschool children.


Prospect School faculty and staff will learn ways to strengthen their communication skills and how to collaborate with parents through staff development opportunities.  Families will be provided information about school activities and their child’s progress in a language that parents understand.  Surveys and needs assessments will be provided to students and parents. Timely responses will be provided to families so their concerns and suggestions will be addressed as quickly as possible.


Non-Discrimination Policy


It is the policy of the Bradley County School System not to discriminate on the basis of sex, national origin, creed, age, marital status or disability in its educational programs, activities or employment policies as required by Title VI and VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Title IX of the 1972 Educational Amendment and section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.


Inquiries regarding compliance with the non-discrimination policy may be directed to the principal, coordinator (complaint manager) Randall Ferguson or the office of the Director of Schools.  (Refer to policy 6.304, 6.305, 5.500 and memorandum of agreement:  Teachers Contract Section IG-Grievance Procedure).


Notification of Rights


Parents and eligible students (students having reached the legal age of eighteen) have the right to:


  • Inspect and review the student’s educational records;
  • Seek correction of items in the record which are believed to be inaccurate, misleading or in violation of the student’s rights, including the right to a hearing upon request; 
  • File a complaint with the appropriate state or federal officials when the school system violates laws and regulations relative to student records
  • Obtain a copy of this policy and a copy of such education records;
  • Exercise control of other people’s access to the records, except when prior written consent is given, or under circumstances as provided by law of regulations, or where the school system has designated certain information as “directory information”.  The records custodian will mark the appropriate student records for which directory information is to be limited, and this designation will remain in effect until it is modified in writing by the student’s parent(s) or the eligible student.


Other Rights and Information


  • You have the right to request that your child’s name, address and telephone number not be released to a military recruiter without prior written consent. 
  • You may request information about the professional qualifications of our child’s classroom teacher.
  • Prospect has developed a School Improvement Plan that you may view at any time.
  • According to the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act, if you are homeless, you can keep your child in the same school he attended before you became homeless.
  • You need to keep copies of critical records, such as birth certificates, immunizations, Social Security numbers, physicals, and individualized education programs (IEPs) for your child.


Bradley County Schools Unsafe School Choice Policy



Under the Tennessee State Board of Education’s Unsafe School Choice Policy, any public school student who is the victim of a violent crime as defined under Tennessee Code Annotated 40-38-111 (g), or the attempt to commit one of these offenses as defined under Tennessee Code Annotated 30-12-101, shall be provided an opportunity to transfer to another grade-level appropriate school within the district.


Additional information regarding this option may be obtained by contacting the appropriate grade-level supervisor.


Supervisor of Elementary Instruction—Ms. Sheena Newman         (423) 476-0620 extension 2004


Supervisor of Secondary Instruction—Mr. Danny Coggin              (423) 476-0620 extension 2004